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Arcane Legends Hack

     You ever just think "man I want that armor so bad", but you don't want to spend the time and money on a game just to get the platinum required to buy it? We here at Arcane Legends Hack are also Arcane Legends players, and so we too understand your struggles. For a few months we kept this Arcane Legends Hack tool private, exclusive to only our closest friends but now we've decided to release it to the public so everyone else gets to access all the awesome extra in-game content like enhancing elixirs, premium equipment, access to exclusive adventures and sexy cosmetic looks that come with having unlimited platinum, and gold!

    Now, you might be worried. "Well what if they ban me? I don't wanna lose my account!" Well that's no longer an issue! In our Arcane Legends Hack Tool v2.0 update we added in anti-ban protection! Now our hack is completely 100% safe and undetectable. After 3 months of testing this new hack tool, not a single account owned by our team has been banned! This means you'll be able to enjoy your unlimited gold and platinum without a single worry about getting banned!

Introducing Arcane Legends Hack Tool v2.0

Features Include:

  • Arcane Legends Platinum Hack (Unlimited Platinum)
  • Arcane Legends Gold Hack (Unlimited Gold)
  • Anti-ban Protection (100% Undetectable!)

This tool is compatible with:

  • iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPhone, etc...)
  • Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) and higher
  • Browsers (Chrome and Flash)


Dane P.

Edinburgh, Scotland

I was spending like 50 bucks a month on this game before I found this Arcane Legends android hack, this is freaking incredible!

Brian W.

Dayton, USA

I've been searching for some real Arcane Legends cheats for a few hours, and I finally found this one. This is simple to use and absolutely incredible. Thank you!

Sarah B.

Vienna, Austria

I'm so glad I did the 30 second offer for once, these hacks normally never work for me, but it's amazing when you hit jackpots like this. It makes all your effort so worth it :D

This hack is for educational purpose only. We don't take responsibility for any damage you may cause using our tool.

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